LED technology that lasts 30.000 hours

The lighting surface is homogeneous, there are no overshadows and the light source is out of sight.

Spotlights are entirely assembled in Italy
The technical features of the spotlights, such as power, dimensions, colour temperature and other technical specifications have been studied, defined and optimized according to the finished product to be realized.


High Efficiency carbon filter


High efficiency carbon filters allow a higher filtering efficiency compared to standard carbon grain filters.
These filters are made of a mold of foam in polyurethane, having activated carbon spheres in it and allow high permeability of the air compared to normal carbon grain filters. At the same time, it allows the highest absorption of odors thanks to its top quality activated carbon.
The advantages of using a high efficiency carbon filter, instead of a typical carbon filter, are:
Higher filtering efficiency
Smaller losses during air filtration
Long lasting
To restore / regenerate high efficiency and washable filters it is necessary to wash them in the dishwasher and then put them for 1 hour into the oven at max 90°C.
EFFICIENCY is measured by the absorption capacity of the filter related to its weight. If the filter weight is 100g, an efficiency of 98.8 means that it can absorb 98.8g of greases.
LIFESPAN we took into account a standard use of 1 hour/day at medium speed level.


Brushless Motors

High suction efficiency
Using a brushless motor allows to lower the consumption (kw/h) by 85% when the appliance is used in the low – medium speeds and by 35% in high speeds.
It is the quietest motor on the market and its performances remain stable in any given use condition, even with complicated installations.
Longer life of the product